Member of the Year

Ivor Williams 2014

Emily Rondel made the following remarks in presenting Ivor with the TOC 2014 Member of the Year Award:

When Ivor was told about this award nomination he said (and I quote) "You've really got your work cut out for you if you're trying to find something impressive or interesting to say about me. Honestly, it's not too late to change your mind!". Though this humble reaction does him credit, we have in fact managed to prove him wrong! In the five years since Ivor joined the TOC, he has been an incredible resource to our Club. A computer and technical wizard by love and profession, he has used these skills to help the relative Luddites of the TOC both bird and communicate more effectively. To the unfamiliar, Ivor is responsible in large part for the iONTBIRDS application most of us have on our phones. Ivor became part of the Records Committee in March 2011, where he quickly became responsible for many of the technical aspects of the committee's work. In 2014 however, he truly outdid himself with a number of extra projects; he created online maps and web resources for the Summer Bird Count, wrote computer code to ensure that the TOC could compile all our CBC data through eBird, and wrote even more code to ensure that we could compare current CBC data with historical information quickly and effectively. Ivor is also a participant in the projects he helps organize, taking on sectors for both the Summer and Christmas bird counts.

Although he does so in an unofficial capacity, Ivor also works tirelessly on all the crucial aspects of the TOC website that most users don't completely understand, and subsequently, totally take for granted. Two examples among dozens are the "Recent eBird Sightings" feature, and the mechanism that allows copies of the newsletter to be uploaded every month. We all benefit from the products of Ivor's efforts, but also from his positive attitude and humility. Ivor spends hours upon hours of his personal time to help the Club behind the scenes, but he never seeks praise or credit. As TOC's recipient of the 2014 Member of the Year award we celebrate Ivor's wonderful contributions to the website, the Records Committee and the Club. Congratulations Ivor.