From September through June, TOC members and their guests meet on the second Monday of each month except the first Monday in May and the third Monday in October.

Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. at the High Park Nature Centre (formerly High Park Forestry School), located at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive in High Park, Toronto.Directions to High Park.

2019 MeetingsTop

14 January

Jean Iron, Garth Riley, Nancy McPherson and Barb Charlton

"eBirding British Columbia"

11 February

Andrea Chreston, Project Manager, Tommy Thompson Park

"Tommy Thompson Park - additional information coming"

11 March

Stuart MacKenzie, Bird Studies Canada

"Wingtips at our Fingertips: Understanding the complex lives of migratory animals"

8 April

Dr. Alex Mills, Professor, York University

"Working with Whip-poor-wills"

6 May

Mike Burell, Ontario birder and really good guy.

"The Best Places to Bird in Ontario"

10 June

Taylor Brown - York University

""Risky business: Effects of human settlement on predation risk and nest survival of sub-arctic nesting shorebirds""

9 September

Charlotte Chaffey, ROM Archivist

"The Art and Legacy of Terry Shortt at the Royal Ontario Museum"

21 October



11 November



9 December



2020 MeetingsTop

13 January

Robert Spaulding -TBA

"Golden Eagles - TBA"