From September through June, TOC members and their guests meet on the second Monday of each month except the first Monday in May and the third Monday in October.

Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. at the High Park Nature Centre (formerly High Park Forestry School), located at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive in High Park, Toronto.Directions to High Park.

2021 MeetingsTop

11 January

Amanda Guercio, Emily Rondel, Mark Peck -TOC

"The 3rd Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas. Yay!!"

8 February

Jonathan Slaght - Wildlife Biologist and author

"Owls of the Eastern Ice - New York Times Notable Book 2020,A talk on the Blakiston’s Fish Owl in eastern Russia"

8 March

Alex Israel - MSc Student, York University

"Can nest concealment in Wood Thrushes predict nest success?"

12 April

Jon Pleizier, SNC Lavalin and Charlie Hess, Tropical Birding

"An Introduction to Birding in Ecuador: How Ecotourism Promotes Conservation"

3 May

Melina Damian, Professor of Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development, International Development Program, Centennial College

" “Latest Research on Cormorants and Anthropogenic Debris They Bring to their Nests.”"

14 June

Dr. Allie Anderson, Post Doctoral Fellow with Birds Canada and Trent University

"Shorebird stopover and migration ecology along the southwestern coast of James Bay"

13 September



18 October



8 November



13 December