From September through June, TOC members and their guests meet on the second Monday of each month except the first Monday in May and the third Monday in October.

Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. at the High Park Nature Centre (formerly High Park Forestry School), located at 375 Colborne Lodge Drive in High Park, Toronto.Directions to High Park.

2024 MeetingsTop

8 January

Shae Turner - Master of Science student at Thompson Rivers University and Registered Professional Biologist in the province of British Columbia

"Virtual Presentation - Canadian research in Jamaica: Understanding the winter lives of our migratory warblers through bird banding and the Motus Wildlife Tracking System"

12 February

Anya Auerbach - Ph.D. candidate at the University of Minnesota

"Virtual Presentation - Understanding evolution through Madagascar's spectacular radiations of birds"

11 March
11 March 2024

Steve Burrows - Author of the best-selling Birder Murder Mystery Series

"From Birder to Birder Murder: The Mystery Deepens"

15 April
15 April 2024

Jean Iron - TOC member

"Northbound Shorebird Migration in Toronto"

6 May
6 May 2024

Mark Peck, Nancy Barrett & Livia Antony

"Spring Migration Quiz - Learn how to identify spring migrants and resident birds of the Toronto region through this fun and interactive migration quiz journey."

10 June
10 June 2024

John W. Sabean, PhD, OMC, a cultural historian with interests in natural history

"Charles Fothergill: A Recreation of a Lecture Given by James L. Baillie, Jr. in 1948 with Additional Commentary and Images by John W. Sabean"

9 September



21 October



11 November



9 December
9 December 2024