From September through June, TOC members and their guests meet on the second Monday of each month except the first Monday in May and the third Monday in October.

Meetings are held at 7:30 pm in Burgundy Room A, of North York Memorial Hall. Directions to NYMH.

2017 MeetingsTop

9 January

Dr Kevin Kerr, Curator of Birds & Invertebrates, Toronto Zoo

"The Role of Zoos in Conservation"

13 February

Ms. Hazel Wheeler, Lead Biologist - Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Recovery

"Loggerhead Shrike Recovery in Ontario"

13 March

Sheryl Santos, Partnering and Engagement Officer, Rouge National Urban Park

"Rouge National Urban Park"

3 April

ZoƩ Lebrun-Southcott, Executive Director, Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario

"Bobolinks - Grassland birds at risk in agricultural landscapes."

1 May

Caroline Schultz - Executive Director, Ontario Nature

"Protecting life on earth: why we need more parks and protected areas."

12 June

Daniel Riley - Environment Canada, Emily Rondel - Bird Studies Canada, Mark Peck - Royal Ontario Museum

"Checklists - Old and New! eBird, the TOC and the New Taxonomy."

11 September



16 October

Soren Bondrup-Nielsen

"Pukaskwa - A Naturalist's Year Surveying Birds in the Lake Superior Wilderness, 1976-1977"

13 November



11 December


"Member's Night and Book Sale"