Hawk Watch Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some commonly posed questions. The text of the questions has come from emails received at the website from the public .

Questions about migration.

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Questions about migrationTop

Can you give me an overview of hawkwatching?

Your best bet is to read the article Fall Hawkwatching Guide by Ron Pittaway which is on the OFO website.

What is the best time to see migrating Broad-winged Hawks?

At High Park, migrating Broad-winged Hawks generally come through in mid-September. See the timing information for Broad-winged Hawks Broad-Winged Hawk.

How many birds do you see in a day?

The number of birds depends on the time of year and weather conditions. In september when the conditions are right we have seen upwards of 5,000 Broad-winged Hawks in a day. See the Migration At a Glance sections in the pages for High Park, Cranberry Marsh and Iroquois Shoreline.