Member of the Year

Jim and Petra Grass 2017

At this year's Annual General Meeting (March), TOC was happy to announce that Jim and Petra Grass were named Members-of-the-Year for 2017. Jim and Petra have been members of our club since 2008. During the past decade, Jim sat on Council where he oversaw Outings. This important role not only serves our members, but also the greater community by providing opportunity and guidance for Torontonians to learn about our local birds and where to find them. During the decade, Jim and Petra also took on the responsibility of running our annual Silent Book Auction. Although Jim has stepped down from Council, Jim and Petra have continued to take care of this important fundraiser for TOC. Over the past four years, they have raised over $3000 for the club. Their continuing contributions to the club are much appreciated and their recognition as 2017 Members-of-the-Year is well deserved.