with the details of other sites that may be of interest.

Toronto Area NatureTop

A website featuring information on Rouge Park and the Oak Ridges Moraine, including maps, history, and notes on the flora and fauna of the Rouge.

Information about the Leslie Spit, one of Toronto’s premier birding locations. The website includes directions, a detailed map, and various articles about the flora and fauna of the Spit. You can download checklists from the site for birds, plants and butterflies.

The Mycological Society of Toronto is a non-profit club for amateur mycologists and others with an interest in mushrooms and other fungi. News and events are listed on the organization’s website.

Site contains some birding hotspots of interest.

News and sightings from the migration monitoring efforts of TTPBRS at Tommy Thompson Park (aka the Leslie Spit).

News and events by the Toronto Bay Initiative, a non-profit, charitable community organization dedicated to a cleaner, greener, healthier Toronto Bay.

A charitable organization, the Toronto Bird Observatory (TBO) was the first urban-based bird observatory in North America when established in 1978, and remains active in the banding and monitoring of migratory birds, currently operating in the GTA.

The Toronto Entomologists’ Association (TEA) is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting interest in insects, encouraging cooperation among amateur and professional entomologists, and contributing to education and conservation. Their website includes a list of upcoming outings open to the public.

The Toronto Field Naturalists (TFN) is a charitable, non-profit organization founded in 1923 and dedicated to encouraging the study of natural history and the preservation of Toronto’s natural heritage. Their website lists information about their outings, meetings, and issues of local interest.

TWC is a registered charity that provides wildlife services such as rescuing and treating injured or orphaned wildlife with the goal of releasing them back to the wild, and education about wildlife and related issues via a wildlife hotline and public presentations.

Ontario Clubs and OrganizationsTop

FOPP was established in 1981 to develop and promote activities aiding the protection and presentation of the resources of Point Pelee National Park. The website features articles, events, information on accommodations, and more.

A website providing information about Rondeau Provincial Park’s history, activities, recent bird sightings, and other local information.

A non-profit registered charity dedicated to the protection of Oshawa’s Second Marsh and its watershed. The website contains sections on trails, wildlife, events, stewardship, and more.

A non-profit organization covering Hamilton and surrounding areas, active in research and environmental protection and featuring a variety of regularly scheduled meetings and outings. The website includes weekly bird hotline transcripts, and profiles of local birding destinations.

Tracing its history back to 1949, KFN is dedicated to stimulating public interest in nature and the protection and preservation of wildlife through acquiring and providing knowledge of natural history. The website includes information about membership, meetings, publications, and current projects.

The McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve is a 41 hectare area east of Toronto, sandwiched between Second Marsh and Darlington Provincial Park. The website includes maps of the area and information on the flora and fauna found in the reserve.

Founded in 1982 and incorporated in 1987, Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) is dedicated to the study of bird life in Ontario, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among its more than 1100 members. The website features extensive information about birds and birding in Ontario.

For those those who are interested in the goings on of other naturalist groups in southern Ontario, The Federation of Ontario Naturalists has created an online newsletter that outlines their activities and events.

Established in 1879, OFNC is Canada’s oldest naturalist club. A wide variety of club activities are represented on the website; the birding section includes transcripts of recent hotline reports, detailed profiles of local birding areas, and a regional checklist.

The South Peel Naturalists’ Club is a non-profit organization focused on Mississauga, Oakville, and surrounding areas. They encourage the enjoyment and study of nature and the environment, promote conservation, and foster awareness and education o’f natural areas. The website includes links to club activities and news.

Dedicated to the preservation of the last remnant stand of old-growth white pines on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The website features a variety of articles about the natural features of Thickson’s Woods, and information on the ongoing efforts to protect this site.

Sightings and DiscussionsTop

A public discussion board dedicated to sightings and discussions about birds in the Toronto area and across southern Ontario, also including links to several other websites of interest about both birds and other wildlife in the Greater Toronto Area (formerly the University of Toronto Birdboard). NOTE: This site is not part of

Reference MaterialTop

A massive compilation of more than 13,000 bird-related links, classified by region and theme.

A site for helping beginners learn bird watching skills, suggested by the Green Teens Club.

Dedicated to the Carden Plain IBA, this website features information about the region’s history, flora and fauna, conservation threats, and much more.

A collection of great digiscoped photos by TOC member Jean Iron.

A website dedicated to the natural history of Prince Edward County, with information about birding and outdoor activities, plus photo galleries and articles.

A multifaceted website including archived messages from regional mailing lists, and a variety of tools to help birders develop their identification skills, including galleries and interactive simulated birding tours of selected North American hotspots.

Playground bird watching for beginning birders.

Homeowners Information for beginning birders.

A nice overview, and a great find for the kids.



Current weather conditions, plus a five-day forecast, and links to radar, satellite, and weather maps.

The base reflectivity map generally indicates precipitation, and covers the Toronto area. However, for birders this map can be particularly useful on clear nights, when the map instead reflects the movements of nocturnal migrants.


The longest running bird population monitoring program in North America, the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, is now more than a century old. The CBC website allows visitors to search the archives by species, location, or region, and also features some of the interesting population trends which the Christmas Bird Counts have revealed.

A May tradition across Canada, the Baillie Birdathon is a major fundraising effort organized by Bird Studies Canada to collect money in support of bird research and conservation initiatives across the country.

Conservation and Research Top

The mission of Bird Studies Canada is to advance the understanding, appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitats, in Canada and elsewhere, through studies that engage the skills, enthusiasm and support of its members, volunteers, staff and the interested public. Their website offers profiles of each of their ongoing programs.

A not-for-profit organization promoting and fostering the study, appreciation, and conservation of birds and their habitats on the Bruce Peninsula.

The CNF is dedication to the protection of nature, its diversity and the processes that sustain it, through sound science and coordinated action with others who care about nature. Their website includes news about current projects across Canada.

CPF is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of Peregrine Falcons and other raptors. The website features a wide variety of information, including detailed notes on all of the Toronto area Peregrine territories.

CONE is dedicated to the protection of the Niagara Escarpment. Information about the website and issues regarding its protection are featured on this website.

COSEWIC is a committee of experts responsible for assessing and designating which wild species are at risk in Canada. The website includes detailed information about Canada’s species at risk and the factors responsible for their endangerment.

An organisation opposed to the culling of Double-crested Cormorants.

A volunteer-driven effort to minimize the use of lights in office towers at night, and to rescue the birds which collide with these buildings during migration. The website includes many archived articles, along with information on how to become a volunteer.

The Federation of Ontario Naturalists (FON) protects Ontario’s nature through research, education, and conservation action. It is a registered charity representing 15,000 members and over 100 member groups (including the Toronto Ornithological Club). Their website includes extensive information about nature in Ontario, and current issues of concern.

An initiative by the City of Toronto to reduce mortality among nocturnal migrants by encouraging building owners and tenants to turn off lights at night.

MRF is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting and directing conservation efforts through the study of animal movements. The website describes research methods and projects, including a Short-eared Owl monitoring program to which several TOC members have contributed.

An organization dedicated to the acquisition of ecologically significant lands for permanent conservation. Profiles of threatened areas are highlighted on the website, along with information about the network of protected sites across Canada.

Mentioned in Bridget Stutchbury’s book Silence of the Songbirds, this site gives details of bird-friendly paper products.

The Oak Ridges Trail Association (ORTA) is a charitable organization dedicated to the exploration and protection of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The website includes information about upcoming events and news.

The second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas is being undertaken to develop an up-to-date and accurate picture of the status and distribution of all bird species throughout Ontario. The Atlas website contains a wealth of information from both the first atlas (1981-1985) and preliminary results from the current effort, as well as detailed information on how to become involved in contributing to data collection.

ProtectNatureTO is a coalition of over 20 nature- and stewardship-based groups advocating for the protection of wildlife and natural areas across the City of Toronto.

Save The Oak Ridges Moraine Coalition (STORM) is focused on protecting the ecological integrity of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Since 1989, STORM has been working at the local and regional levels to ensure that municipalities make good planning decisions that respect the environmental significance of the moraine and that take into account its ecological and hydrological functions.

Photos and Photography Top

Member Jean Iron’s Home page showing her photographs of birds taken all over the Americas.

Ken Newcombe’s Home page.