Recent Sightings Instructions eBird Recent Sightings

The Recent Sightings page relies on the eBird online system interface which is provided to the public. Our code makes about 17 separate calls to the eBird interface to get its information for the display - please have patience and don't be alarmed if the display redraws itself or flickers! The calls specify the Toronto 48km circle and go back to include the last 7 days of observations reported in the eBird system.

The code centres the map depending on the information returned so you will not always get the same zoom level. If you uncheck the 'Notable' box, the map will add or subtract observations and the map will be re-centred.

You can click and drag the map and change its size by using the left hand control or by double clicking anywhere on the map. You can change the type of map using the right hand top controls. Feel free to experiment. Note that using the drag wheel on a mouse within the map does NOT scroll but zooms the map instead.

Clicking on a bird name in the bird list selects that bird and changes the colour of the name and all marker pins where that bird has been seen.

If you hover the cursor over the marker pin, you will see the eBird name of the location. Click on the marker pin to see the observations reported for that location.

Notable - These are notable birds as defined in the eBird system. They are not necessarily rare but may just be unusual for the date and location. By default we show Notable sightings only. To see all sightings you should uncheck the Notable box.

Please note that we have no way of sorting the bird name list other than alphabetically by first name, since the eBird calls that are available to us do not use taxonomic order.

If you get tangled up in using the map controls, click on your browser refresh button or on the notable box to redraw the map.